Sunday, April 18, 2010

Send in the Clowns!

One of my favourite spots to pop in on Princess Street is Send in the Clowns - and while I love pestering Nick about my wedding invitations (which are stunning, by the way...even after spending hours painfully hand-addressing them, I still stop every now and then to admire them!), I also love just milling around looking for gifts - for myself. Yes, it is a gift shop, so occasionally I shop for other people there (a birthday card here or there), but let's be honest - mostly I just beeline toward the Anne Taintor display. I like snickering at all the magnets, mugs, and other lovely little luxuries. 

And, I can't be the only one  - because right now the Send in the Clowns window is full of Anne Taintor goodies. I'm a huge fan - and now I can even get my Anne fixes for free - just visit to download i-phone wall paper. Right now, I've got the Domestically Disabled pic gracing my phone. They also make great gifties - I got my mom the "They hated to spread gossip" mug a couple years ago, and whenever I go home there's a nice up of tea served to me in it, while we catch up on the latest -  

Another wise shopping decision, indeed! 

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Melissa said...

I can easily spend half an hour browsing the cards at Send in the Clowns! So much fun! And Nick and his golden, Ben (I think), are just lovely!