Sunday, August 8, 2010

Awakened From My Wedding Dream

It's been a while since I posted on my blog.'s been a few months. With the warm weather, and my complete obsession with our July 24 wedding, I didn't even realize I had completely lapsed! Well, the rings have been exchanged, the cake has been eaten, and we've spent a lazy-in-love week in beautiful Barbados. My husband is back to work and hitting the books - and I've decided to come back in full force as well! What better way to kick things off than sharing a few wedding photos, taken by the brilliant Dave & Charlotte of Toronto (

Luckily, I've got a few projects on the go as I settle into married life! There's The Kingston Whig-Standard's special section Back to School plus their annual Fall Activity Guide. Plus, it looks like I'll get to stick around in wedding land for a few more months as I work on Kingston Weddings (formally known as The Bride Guide) as Assistant Editor. I'm looking forward to a busy fall with lots more exciting projects!

I know it's still the middle of the summer, but I'm already getting a few glimpses of autumn here and there. For one, Homesense has fall foliage and pumpkins in their faux flower section, always a sure sign that a season change is in the air. For two, I've felt a cool gust of wind which brought with it the sudden urge to wear jeans and buy a new pair of boots. And for three, June and July flew by so quickly that it seems September and October will be here before we know it! Working in the media, we're always a few months ahead (hence working on the Back to School guide! Kingston in the cooler months is so lovely. The market is brimming with produce, the antique market is in full force, and this year, it seems to me that a breath of fresh air has been blown into the downtown area with a whole crop of new restaurants popping up!

Marriage, exciting work contracts, and a gorgeous season on its way in - life is good!

David's Groom's Cake, made by The Caketress!
Our stunning wedding cake tasted as delicious as it looks - thanks to Lori, a.k.a. The Caketress (

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