Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Bring a little LA to Kingston

We just returned from a few nights in sunny Santa Monica, California. With romance in the air, wine on the table, and the waves lapping at the shore, we couldn't help but imagine living in the sunny Californian states. But of course, after a few days of putting some sun in our fun, it was time to come home.  My top 5 ideas for bringing a bit of LA to Kingston:

1. We should have a Kingston Stars section near Market Square, where local celebrities get to put their handprints in the sidewalk and get stars with their name on it. Eventually, Kingston would probably become the Hollywood of Ontario (some may argue that it already is). Wax museum optional.

2. Wear what you would wear, if you lived in LA! How many times have you heard someone complain, "I have so many "going-out" clothes that I would never wear in Kingston." I say, wear it! I vow to wear my little red dress next time my husband takes me out for dinner at one of our local eateries. Dress like the rockstar that you are!

3. Get your RAW on! After dining seaside at a chic little place called Oysterette in Santa Monica, where we had fresh oysters from New Zealand, BC, and PEI, I couldn't help but wonder why we don't enjoy these delicacies more often close to home. After all, we are definitely closer to PEI than LA is! Here in Kingston, you can head to Chez Piggy to enjoy a 1/2 dozen - they serve them with all the fixings (wash it down with a Hot and Bothered Martini or, if you're classier than I, a glass of crisp white wine. Tip: Oysters are best enjoyed in months ending in "er"

4. Just like LA, we're close to some amazing vineyards - so get out there and visit them! Check out my upcoming article in Kingston Life magazine to learn the scoop on what goes on at these wineries in the winter time (it may be slightly different than the California estates!).

5. Speak Your Mind. I don't know if it is something in the water LA, or just the way they are brought up, but we definitely heard a few people "Speaking their mind" while out and about in LA. Speaking your mind: Good. Throwing a napkin in your date's face and spitting obscenities while in fancy restaurant: not so good. Use your judgement.

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Anonymous said...

Kingston is def SE Ontario's Hollywood!