Wednesday, February 10, 2010

19th Hole Magazine!

I just got back some spreads from The 19th Hole Mag - an awesome luxury golf publication I worked on not too long ago as assistant editor and contributor. They look amazing - the graphic arts team over there (in Georgia) really know what they're doing. Here's a few of my favourite layouts with articles by moi! Click on the pics to see 'em grow!

This next article was a real joy to write. It's about Hubert Prive, a fantastic artist based in Normandy, France. His work is so insightful and really shows a depth of appreciation for the game of golf. Here's a link to his website and a copy of the article - check out more about this artist at his site, and watch for his new coffee table book - what a perfect gift for the golf+art enthusiast in your family!

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