Sunday, February 14, 2010

We Love You, Pan Chancho!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Typically, I live in a house (OK...apartment) where celebrations go hand-in-hand with a bottle (or two) of champagne.  So, when Valentine's Day rolled around and we found ourselves hand-in-hand with my darling fiancĂ©'s pager (read: no vino for us), we had to get a little creative. We decided to enjoy a romantic evening at home, pager permitting.

Instead of booking rezzies at one of our favourite local eateries, we booked "reservations to go" from one of Kingston's gems, Pan Chancho! And, oh my!! Did we ever spoil ourselves! We picked up a big paper bag of food, and came home right away to check out the goods. We were beyond impressed with the delicious feast before us!

First Course: a cheese platter with grapes, little miniature crab cakes, two generous triangles of yummy cheese, and baguettes. Next: two WHOLE lobsters, cooked and cracked; risotto cakes (yum) and grilled asparagus. The Grand Finale: a melt-in-your-mouth chocolate cake with fresh raspberry sauce accompanied by white angel cake and orchids. 

I already knew I loved Pan Chancho for their sandwiches to go, lattes, and patio brunches - but now I found a new love - fancy dinners to take home! What a wonderful Valentine's Day - with a fabulous at-home feast! One of the things I love about Kingston, Ontario is the delicious food - and today was no exception! Of course, the pager did go off (which explains why I am blogging on "Love Day") - but at least we got to enjoy a lovely dinner (and watch two movies back to back!).

Happy Love Day!

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I love Pan Chancho!!