Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Sneak Peek - Kingston Whig Bridal Tab

I love Bridal Creations (Kingston, Ontario), so when I was asked to do the cover feature for the Kingston Whig-Standard's 2010 edition of "Brides," I practically shouted "YES!" before the words were out of my editor's mouth! I bought my own wedding dress there (still waiting for it to come in....the estimated arrival date is May 1!). So yesterday (and today) found me at Bridal Creations.

After I spoke to the owner, Pina, who is super sweet, I got to work whipping up an article which I'll show ya'll once its published. She's adding an exclusive boutique-style private room to the shop for brides who want a bit more of a luxurious experience - so of course I asked if it would be ready for when my dress comes in! And YES, it will! Yipppee! By the time our meeting was over, we were in the back trying to choose the perfect veil to match my gown.

...all in a day's work!!!

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