Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Hoot! Hoot! Cutest Owl Pillows Ever!

I was asked to write up an article about Kingston artist Hilary Cosgrove for Interiors Magazine. We met up at Sipps a couple of days ago (love the mocha latte with skim milk - that's healthy, right?). We had a great chat - it's always nice to catch up with someone else who works from home and understands the joys that come along with that (and the difficulties!). Hilary is a textile artist and she brought along some of her work to show me - Fab. U. Lous! They say a pic is worth a thousand words so here ya go: cute are these pillows? I love the little "owelettes" - Can't you picture them in a nursery? But you don't need a baby to appreciate these little guys - they'd look so adorable in my living room, too! Looking for one in the Kingston area? Visit Dwell Boutique (it's that cute design shop near the Iron Duke on Wellington Street!).

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Anonymous said...

Love the pillows!