Thursday, February 11, 2010

Sophie Conran Dishes

I just had to share these gorgeous dishes that I registered for at The Bay in Kingston yesterday! The lady there was SO nice I nearly wept tears of happiness (as opposed to last time I tried to register, in Toronto - where a zapping gun was thrust into my hands with no direction while a bewildered David and I tried to navigate ourselves through the Saturday crowds - we lasted about ten minutes!).

In any case, I felt quite at home this time around! If you're thinking of registering in the Kingston area, I definitely recommend going to have a chat with Deb at The Bay! The dish set is called Sophie Conran for Portmeirion.

The dishes have a lovely modern, calmness about them with a bit of country charm (kind of like me, ha ha). And of course, after I finished registering I realized why they were so familiar - one of my best friends has the exact same set (and color - white). So, when we host posh affairs in the future, we can double up on our dishes! We can also say things like "Hey! That's my Round 11" Roasting Dish!"

Here are some images - the one with a woman in it is the designer. She's shown with plants in the cookware, how silly!


Jenn said...

Gorgeous dishes. I got a large salad bowl for my shower and I absolutely love it. And yes, The Bay in Kingston Bay is a much more relaxing environment than Toronto!!

Kelli said...

Ohhhh, they are lovely!